Oct 19, 2010
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What Are You Dressing As At This Year's Halloween Party?

Halloween Opinion
Concerned Citizen
Evil Sam, Blood Spurt Expert

"I'm going dressed as the bits of the cow left after Lady Gaga made her meat dress. I think I can get it to all hold together as long as I don't dance."

Shocked Man
Stab Vestibule, Bed Comfort Adjuster

"I'm going as what Snookie would look like if JWOW was wrestling her while she was putting her makeup on."

James QuickSlash, Interior Decorator (specializing in blacks and reds)

"Oh, the comedy meat clever in the head never fails. But this year I'm also dressed as a BP oil technician. Oil and blood everywhere. Lovely. "

Old Gipper
Tom Trickster, Executioner

"I am going to cut my finger off with a knife and then put it in ice and take it around with me all night and then at the end of the party rush myself to hospital to get it reattached. I love Halloween, nothing is too much bother."

Ape Man
Mike Mysterious, Unemployed

"No party this year - I haven't finished torturing last year's trick or treaters in my cellar."

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