Oct 26, 2010
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They Say Sesame Street's Bert Hinted He Was Gay This Week? Have Your Say

Sesame Street Exposed

It is said that in street slang the term 'mo' means homosexual.

This week Bert in Sesame Street said:

"Ever notice how similar my hair is to Mr T's? The only difference is that mine is a little more 'mo', and a little less 'hawk'."

Case proved, or is there some ambiguity here? Have your gay.

Concerned Citizen
Willy Wonka, Porn Star

"Santa Claus has been saying Ho Ho Ho for years. Clearly gay."

Shocked Man
George Clooney, Sex Counselor

"The word ex is in homosexual too. So when I refer to my ex it must mean he is gay."

Mel Gibson, Plumber

"The compass point south east (se) is in homosexual too. So everyone in the south east of every country is gay."

Old Gipper
Brick La Trek, Mime Artist

"Omo is a popular washing powder the world over. Clearly gay.

OMO washing powder"

Ape Man
Sheila Jones, Anagram Expert

"The words 'emu, exam, axle, sea, axe, seal, male, lame, heal, max, moose, shoe, amuse, ahem' are all found in the word homosexual too. So from now on anybody who uses those words is clearly hinting they are gay..."

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