Oct 18, 2010
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The Banksy Opening To The Simpsons? Have Your Say

Banksy Angsty

What madness is this?

Concerned Citizen
Jim Jamboree, Corporate Emotion Trainer

"Great. Fox is going for the 'we're being honest about not paying the Korean people who draw the show a decent living wage' dollar. That's a brilliant marketing strategy in these dire economic times. They never miss a beat."

Shocked Man
Jazz Doobiedo, Percussionist

"So, if I watch The Simpsons then I am endorsing the underpayment of its Korean workforce that draw the show?

Donuts... mmmmmmm!"

Jimmy Benchpress, Nut Buyer - Walmart

"Banksy first came to my attention painting on the Berlin Wall. Now he's painting on Rupert Murdoch's flagship comedy show. How long until the Murdoch empire collapses now? He's starting to look a little too crinkly for my liking."

Old Gipper
Harry Belafonte, Beard Shrubber

"Who took away the bright friendly colors? Booo-rrring."

Ape Man
Arnie Sarnie, Sandwich Entrepreneur

"At last, an anti capitalism message sandwiched in between capitalist messages. I feel cleansed."

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