Sept 1, 2010
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What Trick Do You Want Roger Federer To Do Next? Have Your Say

Tennis Tension
YouTube: The knocking a bottle of some guy's head trick shot....

What else do you want to see Roger Federer do?

Concerned Citizen
Jim Meedsden, Circus Elephant Impersonator

"What about this: a little old lady is being mugged by a robber. The robber grabs her hand bag and is running away. Roger Federer bashes a ball at his head knocking him out. I would even sit through a YouTube ad for that one."

Shocked Man
Burt Sprinkler, Radio Talk Show Host

"I see, ahead, a 1970s retro tv series in which Roger Federer plays a secret agent battling crime with just his racket and ball. Sort of like a Six Million Dollar Man tennis player."

John Tharsden, Bodybuilder Expert

"I see a series set in the Middle East. Roger Federer goes through on a good will mission knocking things off peoples heads. What could possibly go wrong?"

Old Gipper
Benjamin Rusky, Food Critic

"Nee er. Can he juggle too?"

Ape Man
Murray Baldicoot, Sports commentator

"I have never seen a lion tamer use tennis balls to control the lions. That I gotta see."


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