Sept 6, 2010
The home of world comedy spoof entertainment +++ Production faux pas

Corrections, Bloopers, Outakes And Erratum From Last Month's VOR

Sorry, The Hardest Word, Repeated Five Times

A number of errors crept in to our publication last month due to production problems outside our control.

1) A picture of an elephant sticking its trunk up the bottom of another elephant was published instead of a picture of Tony Blair publicizing his new book A Journey in a bookshop in Dublin.

Tony Blair, Dublin, Waterstones book signing

2) A picture of Tony Blair publicizing his new book A Journey had an erroneous caption.

Elephant sticks trunk up another elephants bottom.

3) Our story about Chris The Cuttlefish in the South Sea Florida park referred three times to his testicles. We, of course, intended to write his tentacles.

4) The date on the article 5th August 1598 should have read 18th August 2010, 3:15pm.

5) We are pleased to point out that William Shatner did not feed a schnitzel to his chitzue as was implied by the article entitled 'Captain Crumpet'. The completely false allegation was a desperate attempt at comedic iteration and we have apologized to all those concerned and have made a modest donation to a charity that goes around picking up the doings of small yappy type dogs.

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