Jul 22, 2010
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First World Phone Fighting Championship Line Up Revealed

Fight fight fight

Following on from the runaway success of the Mel Gibson ranting phone calls, The World Phone Fighting Championship has announced its lineup for their first public event in September.

Each phone fight is fought in three rounds of five minutes with contestants in secret locations not known to each other and possibly miles away to avoid actual illegal follow up confrontations afterwards.

In each phone fight the fighter can lose points for hesitation, for constant repetition of a word, or a phone fight can be won with a knockout through heart attack, stroke or breaking of the phone.

A number of the phone fights have bonus rules like a PG phone fight where only PG language is allowed, or a ten f word rule fight, or a no racially offensive words fight.

The verbally disabled are also catered for in special lisping and stuttering bouts.

If the phone fight doesn't end in one of the knockouts above, three judges award points based on the most verbally aggressive or technically gifted arguments.

The organisers have told this website that a number of the bouts have already been signed, but a number are still to be decided, including the celebrity phone fights none of which have been confirmed at this time.

The fights so far announced are:

World Middle Volume Championship

Dave 'Tongue Tier' Gibson


Jerry 'Angry Quipper' Johnston


World No Volumes Barred Title Match

Jake 'Verbal Bearhug' Fisher


Barry 'You Callin' Me A Little Girl?' Littlegirl


Intercontinental Lisping Championship Belt

Steve 'The Beathst' Gerald


Harry 'Sthmasthsher' Smith


North American PG Rated Phone Fight

Larry 'Dunker' Donaldson


Marv 'Ronald McDonut' Hummer


Special Jersey Shore celebrity phone match ups (not yet confirmed):

The Situation vs Chuck Lidell

Snookie vs Mike Tyson

The inspiration: Phone fight of the week... year... decade...
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