Jul 12, 2010
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Mel Gibson: "All Octopuses Are Whores"


Mel Gibson broadened his attack to sea creatures today, calling Octopuses "8 legged whores who act like tramps and stick their tentacles up their own bottoms to pleasure themselves," in the latest outburst from the troubled actor, director, fashion critic, polemicist.

In the four minute telephone conversation, Gibson, 52, also slammed starfish for being lazy and seahorses for being gay.

The reason why Gibson decided to attack Octopuses was believed to have been a short story about Paul The Psychic Octopus on the evening animal news. Paul The Octopus successfully predicted all of Germany's match results in the World Cup, and the eventual winners, Spain, in Sunday's final.

A person who heard the original telephone conversation told this web site that he believed Gibson then destroyed the telephone he used to deliver his rant.

Here is a transcript of the conversation:

Hello, is this the Animal Channel? What's all this f**king s!!t about Octopuses, Octopi? f**k what do they call them? 8 legged whores is what I f**king call them - they're only happy when they're sticking one of their eight f**king tentacles up with own ass and that's the f**king truth. And I don't trust those f**king starfish, either... F**k me, you have got to be f**king kidding me, starfishes? - what the f**k is the point of them? If there is one f**kin unemployable sea creature it's them, never done a goddamn days work in their f**king pathetic lives. And as for seahorses all they do is mince about all gay like with their noses in the air all day, it makes me sick...

At this point the conversation breaks up as Gibson seems to be slamming the telephone on a wall...


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