Jul 14, 2010
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Is A Double Dip Now Inevitable? Have Your Say

Economy In Crisis

Is the economy about to go into a double dip?

Concerned Citizen
Jim Meedsden, Circus Elephant Impersonator

"Whatever you expect to happen next won't, that's all I know."

Shocked Man
Burt Sprinkler, Radio Talk Show Host

"Why do they say it like a double dip in the economy is a bad thing, and yet a double chocolate chip cookie is seen as a good thing?"

John Tharsden, Bodybuilder Expert

"Have you noticed how the economy is mirroring Mel Gibson's personal life? The signs are we are about to see the big one..."

Old Gipper
Benjamin Rusky, Classical 1980's Monetarist

"A triple dip sounds better from a poetic perspective. It's such a shame they don't say triple diple, that would be even better."

Ape Man
Murray Baldicoot, Sports commentator

"But does this mean I should sell my Arbitraged Pork Belly Derivatives Underwritten By An Exotic Latin American Stock Put Option, or doesn't it?"


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