Jun 8, 2010
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Get Your Bilderberg 2010 Souvenirs Here


It's the legendary top secret world movers and shakers talking shop where the elite meet to discuss stuff you couldn't possibly understand.

Here is your once in a lifetime chance to be a part of this prestigious event you weren't invited to, by buying one of our exclusive Bilderberg 2010 souvenirs.

Giant Owl - Worship / urinate on / lick, your own 6ft tall scale replica of the secret 26ft tall Bilderberg Owl, now only $1599.99
Giant tampon
What Bilderberg Dads Tell Their Sons (Spoof) 250 pages filled with advice the typical Bilderberg Dad tells his son. Like: What is a double busted under leveraged oil future? How to get widows and orphans to thank you after you have screwed them out of a fortune; and What to buy during the next end of the world type crash to make a fortune? (Coffee table sized glossy paperback with secret microdot proving authenticity $29.99)
What cuff links can you wear that says "I've been to the Bilderberg 2010 conference," but without saying the words? This beautifully hand crafted by Thai orphans Bilderberg owl 2010 cuff links set says you were there when you can't. Owl Cufflinks with 2010
Personalized picture of you walking up the path towards the Hotel de Bilderberg with optional inscriptions including, "Hello Mom!" , "I'm with Stupid!" and "Whatcha Talkin About Ben (Bernanke)!"
Hotel de Bilderberg
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