Jun 2, 2010
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BP: "Large Tampon Is Now Future 12th Option To Contain Leak"


A leading manufacturer of female hygiene products has offered BP one of its promotional oversized tampons to stuff into the leaking oil well.

This follows calls from BP to the general public for ideas on how to stop the leaking oil well.

The 5 meter by 5 meter by 25 meter long tampon comes in its own waterproof wrapper which the submersible robots will be able to unwrap at the last moment before inserting it.

Giant tampon
Giant tampon

A BP spokesman thanked the company for the giant tampon and announced that it is now currently the future 12th possible option, from all the available ideas they have so far received to stop the oil from leaking. The tampon option replaces the bouncy castle idea posted on this website last night, which now falls to number 13.

BP repeated its request to members of the public to send in their suggestions no matter now strange, stupid or unlikely to work they may seem. has agreed to act as a sounding board for suggestions. Readers should feel free to email in any suggestions they may have.

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