May 11, 2010
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The First 3D Playboy Centerfold Is Out Friday. What Do You Think?

Playboy Update

The June edition of Playboy comes with a pair of 3D specs.

3D Playboy June 2010

Concerned Citizen
Jim Meedsden, Circus Elephant Impersonator

"Hmmm. If you're a leftie she is all red with a black outline, if you are a rightie all blue with a dark outline... So it's goodbye to good old fashioned flesh colored almost-porn? That's progress?"

Shocked Man
Burt Sprinkler, Radio Talk Show Host

"At last I can hold some pointy out tits in my hand!"

John Tharsden, Bodybuilder Expert

"But you still have the problem with the staples in the middle. 3D glasses but still no staple remover. What are they thinking?"

Old Gipper
Benjamin Rusky, 70s Continuity Announcer

"Pointy out boobies? They'll never catch on."

Ape Man
Murray Baldicoot, Sports commentator

"Those 3D glasses will be flying over my shoulder within about 2 minutes of me looking at the pictures."

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