Apr 15, 2010
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Sarah Palin Pokes Eye With Bendy Straw

Hospital Rush

Sarah Palin was rushed to hospital this morning after poking her left eye with a bendy straw.

Sarah Palin on the way to receive medical attention for bendy straw in the eye injury, earlier today:
Sarah Palin, injured in bendy straw incident

An expert in drinking straws tells that it was virtually unheard of for a grown-up to poke themselves in the eye with a bendy straw:

"That's the whole point of the bendyness. A straight straw? Hundreds of pokey eye injuries every year, but a bendy straw? Unheard of. How easy is it to bend a bendy straw away from your eyes and to your mouth? Very easy. She must have been in a real hurry for a suck of water."

This news comes a day after a contract with Palin was found in a bin in which, amongst other demands, she asked for a bendable straw as a condition of speaking at California State University in June.

Fox News refused to return our calls when we asked for a comment .

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