Mar 2, 2010
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Obama To Be Told To Give Back 'Nobel Given Up Smoking Prize'

No Nobel

The Nobel Committee in Oslo is expected to ask for its Nobel Given Up Smoking Prize back later this month.

It was controversially awarded to President Barack Obama last year.

Winner Of the 2009 Nobel Given Up Smoking Prize, President Barack Obama
Barack Obama

It was the first time that the Nobel Given Up Smoking Foundation had given the award so early to a candidate who hadn't actually given up smoking yet, but had a real desire to do so.

The recent release of the president's medical records show he is continuing to smoke, even though he has tried to give it up for a number of years.

A number of commentators criticized the committee at the time, including this website, for giving the Nobel Given Up Smoking Prize so early to an untested young president, and it now seems that we were right once again.

Obama's award of the Nobel Given Up Smoking Prize was a particular blow to outgoing US president George W Bush, who was never even once nominated for the Nobel Given Up Drinking Prize during his 8 years in power.

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