Mar 8, 2010
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Some Of The Minor Oscars You May Have Missed Sunday

Oscar Outrage

Hello, you join me here standing on the red carpet writing this live whilst the 82nd Oscars ceremony is going on inside.

Here are some of the nominations (winners in bold) of the lesser known Oscars you might have missed in the media coverage:

Best Outtake (Blooper) Of The Year

Accidental surprise setting off of small stunt improvised explosive device - causes camel to balk and knock actor flat onto his front - hits his head on a large canister of milk, knocks it totally over sort of backwards onto him, he ends laying in large puddle of milk, then ten hungry feral neighborhood cats appear screaming and fighting over milk - The Hurt Locker

4 minutes of general hilarity / corpsing when Colin Firth says 'knob' in A Single Man

Sandra Bullock's stunt double trips over and misses an attempt to fall down a well, instead trips over own feet, hits head on grass, passes out with ass in air. All About Steve.

Blue skin CGI pigment turns to green, then red, then black allofasudden, but in 3D - Avatar

Best Porn Adaption Of An Academy Nominated Motion Picture

A Good Star Treking 2009 Times

Hurt Me In Your Locker Room Until I Explode

Avanothergowhenyouverecoveredenuf, Tar!

In Glorious Big Basterds

Best Movie Running Over Two Hours, Directed By A Formerly Married Couple (Heterosexual)

Avatar (James Cameron)

The Hurt Locker (Kathryn Bigelow)

The Beethoven Memorial Animal In A Domestic Comedy Caper

The dog in Up

The dog in Avatar

The dog in Home Alone 127


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