Mar 15, 2010
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High School Prom Cancelled After Student Asks To Bring Her Effeminate Boyfriend

Glad To Be 18 Again

Mississippi: Lorna Jenkins, a student at the Isaplonka Agricultural High School, thought it would be prudent to check before she brought her outrageously effeminate boyfriend to the school prom, just in case there would be a problem.

So she asked the school if she could bring him as a guest.

The answer was a firm, manly, no.

A spokesman for the school summarized the school's policy:

"If he can't lift a bale of hay to at least waist height, he's not getting in."

Lorna got the ACLU involved and the school authorities canceled the whole prom.

She is now suing.

This brings to two the number of High School Prom cancellations in Mississippi this month.

Lorna explained to us why she didn't just turn up with her boyfriend and let all effeminate hell break loose:

"I hate to think what the other students would do when we started to dance together.

Or kiss.

It would be like a cross between a really bad gay film and a deleted scene from the movie Grease."

The school first came to the attention of the world's media in 1989. It was the center of one of the 1980's most flamboyant Agricultural High School prom controversies where a student was denied a request to attend his school prom dressed as Farmer George, based on the appearance of Boy George of Culture Club fame. He was eventually allowed into the prom when he claimed he was with the band and was late because his tractor had broken down.

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