Mar 17, 2010
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'Green Guinness' Consumption To Peak At 11:30 Tonight As Ireland Attempts Largest Ever Exorcist Reenactment

March 17th Drinkathon

Irish drinkers are set to consume a record amount of a specially brewed green Guinness this St Patrick's Day, as the country attempts the largest ever Exorcist green projectile vomiting reenactment, expected to start around midnight.

Last year more than 1600 Exorcist style projectile vomits were reported involving the specially colored beer, in bars, toilets and in back alleys, some even involving priests, a record.

But with a national advertising campaign and special offers on the green version of the beer, this year the figure could rise to more than 3000.

Green Guinness - spoof

Green Guinness is made from a secret recipe which includes ground up shamrocks, one, two and three leaf cloves and finely ground leprechaun hats.


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