Mar 10, 2010
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'Church Of Scientology' To Change Name To 'Church Of Scientology'

Historic Name Change

The Church of Scientology is to change it's name back to Church of Scientology, according to media sources.

The name change is to become effective from 13th March 2010, or what would have been the 99th birthday of L Ron Hubbard, the founder of the movement.

The name was last changed in 1987.

Reports of this name change has sparked one of the biggest mail-ins ever to, and below we present just a few of the literally thousands of emails received since this story broke.


"At last! I never liked the old name. Thank heavens sense has prevailed once more."

"The old name needed a makeover, as we enter the second decade of the new millennium. Thank you to all those involved whom made this happen."

"I cannee think of a better way te say happy birthday to Ron Hubbard than this name change. Well done to everyone involved."

"It seems like a great idea to me."

"I am writing a song to commemorate this wonderful news."

"If this isn't a too gay 1960's thing to say: Color me happy!"

"I have been urging them for years to do this and now they have. Patient meditation really does work wonders."

"Wonderful, wonderful news. I haven't cried like that since the night Obama was elected president."

"I will be humming my own three minutes silence tomorrow morning to celebrate this new beginning."

"Does a daisy make a sound when it grows in the woods when there is nobody there to hear it grow? ;) I think you know what I mean."

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