Feb 23, 2010
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'Toyota' Most Used Expletive In February, Beats F Word 3 to 1

Curse Controversy

February 2010: The word 'Toyota' has become the number one curse word in many parts of the English speaking world, beating into second and third places perennial favorites the f- and c-words.

A connoisseur of cursing told this website:

"The T-word, when delivered with a deep faux-Japanese accent, beats the F-word due to the combination of t's, ooo's and y's.

'Toyota', when used effectively as a curse word, can sound like a cross between a warrior cry, jamming your finger in a drawer and smashing your forehead into someone's teeth.

It's perfect at times of stress or when you just want to scream something substantial and the f-word ends too quickly."

We asked a group of readers to use 'Toyota' as a curse word for a whole week, instead of using the f or c words.

At the end of the period, half said they wouldn't be going back to their old f or c word using ways.

One convert told us:

"The f and c words are too short - they have that great initial burst and then the k or t at the end, but sometimes only a long drawn out screamed Toooyyyootttaaa can deliver what you are looking for."

Another respondent said:

"You can't drag out the f or c words, and the more you use them the less effective they become. You can scream 'Toyota' out making the most out of every syllable, it's very effective."

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