Feb 25, 2010
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Tiger Woods Celebrates 90th Sex Free Day

Golf gulp

Tiger Woods, public domain, Source: wikipedia

Tiger Woods spent his 90th sex free day sitting on a hard chair, pacing up and down, flipping aimlessly through the television channels, talking to himself, telling himself what he fancies for lunch, carrying on a running commentary with himself about what he's walking to the refrigerator for for a quick snack but nothing too much because lunch is only 2 hours away... according to reports received by this website earlier today.

Reformed sex addicts claim that the first 90 days are the hardest, and likened giving up sex to not washing your hair for 90 days: you eventually forget the discomfort and learn to live with the constant smell of grease.

An expert sexologist explained:

"Tiger Woods will only be cured of his sex addiction if he can hold a conversation with a hot woman in a low cut top, keep his eye contact with her eyes, not ask her for sex, or make any kind of innuendo however innocent. For this he will get a certificate signed by his sponsor."

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