Feb 11, 2010
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$54,000 Louis Vuitton 'New Age Traveler Backpack' Stolen. Have You Seen It?

Vuitton Vamoosed

The bag, below, described as a 'veritable Niagara of really expensive dangly things on a combat patterned green leather body with a white leather top and strappy buckly thingies probably made out of solid gold', retails for $54,000.

Have you seen this bag?

Louis Vuitton's New Age Traveler Backpack

It was stolen last night at 11:34pm by a group described by police as a hardened ruthless gang specialized in stealing really camp fashion accessories.

The backpacker wearing the bag was described as tan, fit, healthy looking, extremely rich and pissed off.

There is a $250 reward for information leading to its recovery.

Breaking News: received the following ransom demand at 16:51 GMT today:

"Send $20,000 in used bills by 11 o'clock tonight or a tassel is cut. We will cut another tassel on the hour until the ransom is received."

Story developing.

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