Feb 7, 2010
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Hitler Once Had Erection For 15 Days, New Book Claims

Hitler Backache

Adolf Hitler took an experimental early version of Viagra which once gave him an erection for 15 days, a new book claims.

The claims are based on formerly classified medical records from the journals of Theodor Morrell, Hitler's personal doctor, which say the dictator took 82 different sorts of medication.

Rare picture of Hitler covering up an erection whilst standing in front of French erection
Hitler with French erection

The Book is called 'Did Hitler Have An Erection For 15 Days?"

Hitler took the early Viagra, a mixture of semen and prostate glands of young bulls, to help him with his relationship with Eva Braun.

But after being injected with the concoction for the first time, doctors were unable to reduce the swelling in his penis.

During the 15 day incident, between 5th March and 21st March 1944, Hitler was unable to sleep. A special bed was made out of wood and duck feathers to allow the furher to sleep on his front.

During this time, Hitler was taken to meetings in a wheelchair, only standing when he got to the door so that he could walk in unaided.

Whilst heavily bandaged during the 15 days, Hitler carried a hat in his hands to hold around his midriff to cover up his embarrasment.

Hitler also suffered from severe flatulence, syphilis, monorchism (only one testicle), Parkinson's disease, eczema, borderline personality disorder, and he used to spit thick white chunks of mucus when he said certain of the more back-of-the-throaty German words.

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