Feb 24, 2010
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Can You Come Up With An Ad Campaign For A Golden Gaytime (Australian Ice Cream)?

Australian Dreaming

Golden Gaytime

Concerned Citizen
Jim Meedsden, Circus Elephant Coordinator

"What about It's hard to have a gay time on your own? It's not true, I know, but you could make up a nice catchy tune."

Shocked Man
Burt Sprinkler, Radio Talk Show Hysteric

"I would embrace the sheer gayness of the name and come up with something in a boat."

John Tharsden, Bodybuilder Expert

"I would go for the geek in a basement approach."

Old Gipper
Benjamin Rusky, Organic Farmer (Potatoes)

"Has nobody thought of contacting the Hanna Barbera people to license The Flintstones 'gay old time' theme? Picture a glamourpuss slowly biting into a Golden Gaytime as this classic plays..."

Ape Man
Murray Baldicoot, Evil Lawyer

"As a nut allergy sufferer I would have someone eating a Golden Gaytime and then choking and swelling up to the music of The Flintstones gay old time (above). I would get a Danish director to direct it and it would be set at dawn in a bleak landscape in black and white."

Got a better one? Course you have. Tell me

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