Feb 21, 2010
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Exclusive Investigation: Ebay Tells Every Highest Bidder 'Hope You Win!' Shocker

E-Commerce Controversy

An in depth, 35 minute, 37 click, investigation by this website has discovered that internet auction giant Ebay tells everyone that it hopes they will win after making a highest bid, sometimes telling every single person in an auction it hopes they will win before the auction ends.

The discovery was made when two readers, friends since school days, realized they had both been bidding on the same item on Ebay. Both were shocked to discover, when reviewing screen shots of the auction after both lost, that Ebay had told them both it hoped they would win at different times during the auction. They contacted us to investigate.

ScrunnyBunny34 told this website:

"Either Ebay wants me to win, or it wants someone else to win, it can't have it both ways. It's like they are urging me on to make bigger more extravagant bids. This is capitalism gone bad."

When internet comment sensation tried various bids, me, too, discovered the sheer audacity of the auction giant.

I now take up the story:

"I put in a high bid for a DVD of Donald Duck and, sure enough, Ebay told me it hoped I would win. But only 30 seconds later someone else bid a higher amount and then Ebay told them it hoped they would win. I then made another bid, and Ebay told me it hoped I would win again. This is a vicious circle with Ebay constantly changing its allegiance simply based on how much money someone bids."

A supporter of capitalism explained:

"Nobody expects Ebay to take sides. The 'Hope you win!' comment is just a friendly 'have a nice day' type comment, it's not like your Dad telling you he hopes you win your football game at school, Ebay only wants the richest bidder to win. This is capitalism pure and simple and I just love it."

Ebay Hope You Win

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