Feb 9, 2010
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Here Are The Answers To Last Week's Quiz

Quiz Quips

The winner of a virtual French double cheek kiss was Michelle Lavastine of Venice, Germany.


The answers to last week's quiz were:

1) The third picture (Brad Pitt's beard) was the odd one out. All the others are small tree dwelling animals.

2) The video was of a weather forecaster predicting two feet of snow is set to fall in the Washington DC area, and wasn't a man desperately trying to sell you a Toyota.

3) The correct order is Enron, Bernard Madoff, California, Greece.

4) One is a graph of a recession, one a graph of a depression, one is a picture drawn by a 4 year old of a pair of cup cakes.

5) The first is a Toyota Prius that crashed over a ledge after it's brakes failed, the other is Charlie Sheen's car.

6) The correct order was a Royal Screw (the cocktail), then a screw in light bulb, then Conan O'Brien.

7) The top five were: Microsoft's IE6, Windows 98, Windows Millennium, the biggest loser in the Bernard Madoff fund. Dr Murray came fifth (allegedly).

8) Tiger Wood's car, Charlie Sheen's car but, remarkably, not any of Jay Leno's cars.

9) It was a trick question: It was, of course, Jay Leno, Oprah Winfrey and David Letterman all on the couch together. (Betty White doesn't count because a body double was used to make it look like she was slammed into the muddy puddle.)

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