Jan 5, 2010
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How Much Would You Pay For A Copy Of The Tiger Woods Sex Tape?

Tiger On Camera
Concerned Citizen
Jenny Meedsden, Circus Artist

"Less than $6.14. I want to see if he really does have a 9 Wood golf club."

Shocked Man
Brenda Sprinkler, Radio Talk Show Host

"$20 but only if there is a full ball-by-ball commentary in a hushed voice."

Jane Tharsden, Bodybuilder Worshiper

"$35. I can't wait. I want to study his swing."

Old Gipper
Betty Rusky, Organic Farmer

"I'm too old for all this bedroom romping: I would rather pay $2 to see the car crash."

Ape Man
Monica Baldicoot, Banker

"I would gladly swap 24: Redemption for a copy."

Tiger Woods Sex Tape:

First interview with Tiger Woods since scandal broke:


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