Jan 6, 2010
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Scientists Reveal BOOBS (80085) Found 5.4 Billion Times In Longest Ever Pi Calculation

Sexy Pi

Computer scientists working on calculating Pi to the 2.7 trillionth digit have revealed that the sequence 80085, or BOOBS to electronic calculator users, was found a statistically significant 5.4 billion times.

Boobs (80085 on Eloectronic Calculator)

A mathematician told this website:

"This is just one of many seemingly random, but possibly signs of a creator with a sense of humor, occurrences that mathematics throws up from time to time. Homosexual mathematical geniuses have committed suicide over much less."

Number crunchers quickly went back to work to look for the sequence 5318008, or BOOBIES if you turn the calculator upside down. These results will take over 3 weeks to calculate.

Another scientist told this website:

"I would be absolutely astonished if we were to find that this sequence, too, was statistically above average in its occurrence. A positive finding could be the best thing for religion since guilt."

5138008 (BOOBIES on t-shirt)

A campaigner told this website:

"The Intelligent Design community have been looking for such a killer argument for a number of years. This would seem to prove that God exists and that he has a sense of humor. I just hope they are not too much of a load of old fussy prudes to use it."

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