Nov 29, 2009
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Tiger Woods Crash Caused By Large TMZ Sign, Picture Evidence

Tiger In Trouble

Breaking Florida scandal: Tiger Woods, legendary golf champion, crashed into an oversized TMZ sign next to a tree outside his house, as this latest picture shows:

Tiger Crash, TMZ logo
(c) Tiger Woods crash scene

An expert in internet media told this webrag:

"The sheer recklessness of popular LA entertainment news site TMZ to put a man size sign outside the golf legend's house was an accident waiting to happen. Well, I hope they are happy now."

Neighbors emailed this web site to tell us that TMZ had placed the large plastic sign outside Tiger Woods' house over three weeks ago and that it had already caused a couple of near accidents.

But on the night of the actual accident it is believed that Woods finally crashed into the TMZ sign while he was trying to avoid an unidentified angry woman hitting the car with a golf club.

In early news reports it was claimed that Woods hit a tree outside his house, but as the picture, above, shows it was the TMZ sign that did most or all of the damage, completely smashing the front of the car, with the tree apparently doing minimal damage to the vehicle.

A bystander told us:

"You can see the car bumper intact the tree side, all of the damage was on the TMZ sign side."



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