Oct 08, 2009
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Cage Fighting Squirrels: Drunk Street Thugs Pick On Wrong Men

Squirrel Attack

Cagefighting squirrels

These are the cage fighting squirrels who battered a pair of drunken thugs after they were attacked in the street.

John 'Bad Tufty' Smith (left) and Danny 'The Forager' Jones, were walking down a street in Swansea, Wales, when Jimmy 'Have A Go' Yodelson and Barry 'Drunk As A Skunk' Bintson decided to pick a fight.

But within seconds both had squirrel costume wearing cage fighters banging their heads into a pulp on the street.

Danny, 25, said:

"It's a sad state of affairs when a guy can't walk down the street in a squirrel costume without getting some grief from some idiot."

John, 33, said:

"As they walked past me one said nice squirrel nuts, gay boy, and then threw a punch at me.

He was eating the pavement within two seconds. I don't take no nonsense from anyone when I'm in my street gear."

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