Oct 12, 2009
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Opinion On List Of New Nobel Prizes Announced Today

Nobel Swell

The Nobel Committee have announced a list of new awards... our panel of experts give us their views on them...

Concerned Citizen
Harry Meedsden, Circus Artist

"At last a Nobel Prize For Breakfast Cereal. Snap, Crackle and Pop have never received the recognition they deserve."

Shocked Man
Jerry Sprinkler, Radio Talk Show Host

"I welcome the new list of Nobel Prizes announced today, especially the Nobel Porn Prize. At long last recognition for the mighty men and women of the sextertainment industry."

Hug Tharsden, Bodybuilder

"Top marks for including a new Nobel Prize For Lion Taming: the circus has gotten a bad deal form the Nobel Committee in the past..."

Old Gipper
Gramps Rusky, Organic Farmer

"Well done to the Nobel Committee for their brave decision to award Barack Obama with a Nobel Prize For The First Year In Office For An African-American President Of The USA, next year."

Ape Man
Harry Baldicoot, Retired retirement consultant

"Congratulations to the Nobel Committee for their new award for the best dressed politician, male and female."

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