Oct 16, 2009
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Balloon Boy Goes Missing Again

Missing In The Attic

Breaking Now, USA: Six year-old Falcon Heene has gone missing again, only twenty-four hours after not being in a helium filled balloon chased by law enforcement officers and media crews across the sky in Weld County.

The latest tragedy seems to have occurred whilst his parents were defending their actions on national television.

Latest reports say that Falcon was last seen going into the bathroom in their Colorado family home.

Here, his 10 year-old brother takes up the story:

"I saw Falcon go into the bathroom and then I heard the toilet flush and that was the last time I heard from him. He is nowhere to be seen. I have frantically searched the house but found nothing, he must had gone down the toilet."

Frantic calls to the local water company to get workers to go down into the sewers to find the boy have yet to lead to any success.

Officer Jones told reporters (some of whom hadn't washed since the last time he went missing):

"We will search and search and if he's down here we will find him."

Plumbing experts have criticized the self invented flushing mechanism on the toilet that sucks air into the toilet bowl to save on water usage.

A horrified plumber told our reporter:

"This was an accident waiting to happen. The little boy didn't stand a chance. The father must stop inventing things now for the love of the children."

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