Sept 01, 2009
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Five Obscure Marvel Characters You May Have Missed

Marvel Character Update

As the Walt Disney Company is about to take over Marvel's 5000 or so characters, we delve into the inter-ether to find out the most obscure Marvel characters ever...

The Human Beeman

Jim Smith is an accountant by day, but ever since he ate contaminated honey on a slice of toast for breakfast on his 11th birthday, he has been able to buzz, fly and pollinate like a human sized bee. Determined to use his powers to help repopulate endangered tribes, ecologist The Human Beeman hovers into out of the way villages over night to pollinate all and sundry, both human, animals, plants and insects, ensuring ecosystem survival of the planet one pollination at a time...

Flying KangarooMan

Popular in Australia and even had its own cartoon television show in 1974 (shown after Skippy - as part of ABC's Kangaroo Hour), Jim Taylorson has all of the characteristics of a kangaroo but can also fly. Each episode usually ends with a flying kick from the air knocking villains unconscious and their brains into mush. KangarooMan then uses his useful pouch to keep safe any recovered jewels and stuff to return them to their rightful owner...

Newsreader SuperNinja

Jim Jones is 1976 WMRW's six o'clock news reader. But when he's not reading the news he's out sorting out the area's problems, most times getting exclusives into the bargain - how does he do it? His credulous bespectacled editor never finds out.

Sun Tan Booth Man

At first glance Jim Jims may appear to be just a nicely tanned owner of Small Town's only tanning salon. But his tanning machines pull the talents and powers from those tanning themselves and transfer them into Sun Tan Booth Man who can then use these powers for up to 48 hours at a time, saving people and helping those in need. Watch Jim become an accountant for the day, a train driver, even a brain surgeon.

Comic Collector Boy

Jim Joyce, a grossly overweight 16 year old comics collector, can take on all the powers and body sizes of any of the characters he has read about to fight crime and be good to his mama and papa and local police department.

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