Sept 06, 2009
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Disney Vs Marvel Match Off: Minnie Mouse vs The Incredible Hulk

Minnie / Hulk

Tensions behind the scenes between Disney and Marvel characters are growing, according to an industry insider last night.

But who would win in a real fight? Our panel of experts speculate.

Today it's Minnie Mouse Vs The Incredible Hulk.

Concerned Citizen
Harry Meedsden, Circus Artist

"On the one hand, Minnie would undoubtedly be able to beat Bruce Banner.

On the other hand, The Hulk would probably rip her prim little nose, arms and legs off."

Shocked Man
Jerry Sprinkler, Radio Talk Show Host

"Minnie Mouse all the way.

The Hulk is a bit of an old softie. I think the look of lace in Minnie's hair and a freshly iced baked cake and he'd be eating out of her hand."

Hug Tharsden, Bodybuilder

"If wily Minnie can use her niceness she might be able to beat up Bruce Banner and make him submit without making him angry...

This fight is not over until the squeaky big eared mouse-lady squeaks."

Old Gipper
Gramps Rusky, Organic Farmer

"Woman should never fight, their period blood gets everywhere."

Ape Man
Harry Baldicoot, Retired retirement consultant

"Are we talking Disneyland parade sized Minnie Mouse vs comic book sized (ie 6 inch tops) Incredible Hulk? I need more information before I decide."

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