Sept 08, 2009
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Disney Vs Marvel Match Off: Chip'n'Dale Vs The X-Men

Chip Dale X-Men Melee

Who would win in a fight between Disney's Chip'n'Dale and Marvel-Disney's X-Men? Our panel of experts pontificate.

Concerned Citizen
Harry Meedsden, Circus Artist

"If professional wrestling has taught us anything it is that sheer campness on its own is not a deciding factor in a fight. However it is a factor and I think, all in all, that Chip'n' Dale look slightly less camp in combats and boots and stripped to the waist than the X-Men do."

Shocked Man
Jerry Sprinkler, Radio Talk Show Host

"Now that I know what a great singer and all round entertainer Wolverine is I find it difficult to take him and his friends seriously in any kind of street fight or tree based combat."

Hug Tharsden, Bodybuilder

"Chip'n'Dale would win in a fight over Mom's hot apple pie left to cool by the window ledge. But in a fight including nuclear weapons I think Chip'n'Dale would be the shadows, and the X-Men would die gradually over the years with radiation poisoning."

Old Gipper
Gramps Rusky, Organic Farmer

"Put it this way. I wouldn't do a major full length motion picture entitled Chip'n'Dale vs the X-Men. More of a three minute short - Nothing left but the fillings in their cheeky chipmunkie teeth IMHO and good riddance to them, damn varmints."

Ape Man
Harry Baldicoot, Retired retirement consultant

"I don't think Donald Duck, Huey Dewey Louie and the News, and Uncle McScrooge could possible leave their furry friends to duke it out on their own. Chip'n'Dale may be annoying, but there is nothing more annoying than an annoying person being annoying with good reason because for instance you failed to help them in their hour of need. No, it's Chip'n'Dale all the way, unless there is singing involved in which I would never bet against the combined stage accomplishments of the X-Men actors."

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