Aug 12, 2009
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iPhone App Of The Day: The Beach Babe iAlerter

Summer iPhone Must Have Apps - Day 3

All this week: Our technology experts have been busy testing some of the best apps available for your iPhone this summer.

Today's new iPhone app is for anyone who wants to make sure they don't miss any of the hot babes when they go down to the beach.

Spoof iPhone app - Beach Babe iAlert

The iPhone BeachBabe iAlerter app taps in to other real time applications like Twitter, Facebook and Google images and maps, to zero in on where the hot talent is.

Simply type in where you are on which beach, and you get alerts to tell you where all the hot babes have been seen... then just choose how often you want to be alerted, from every hour, half hour, or as soon as the hot tottie is reported, and away you go on your quest for a harmless letch...

There is a warning, though, in the unlikely event that the iPhone owner themselves is hot then they must set a flag in the app to stop it beeping every five seconds.

There is also another problem/bug which happens when the hot owner of the BeachBabe iAlerter walks about on the beach with their iPhone on. In this case other users will instantly get a message to tell them the hot babe with the app is moving about and this causes instant messages to be sent to everyone within 50 meters which can cause some embarrassment unless the person is an unashamed exhibitionist.

Lead developer of the app, Harvey Merrywankler, explains:

"We calculate that only 0.001% of the users of the BeachBabe iAlerter will be hot themselves so the problem should be put into context here. But this bug aside, I am confident that this application will be bigger than porn on the web in under three years." 'Supporting' ecommerce through merciless ribbing since 2001.

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