Aug 13, 2009
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iPhone App Of The Day: The OO Hotel Room iSurveillance

Summer iPhone Must Have Apps - Day 4

All this week: Our technology experts have been busy testing some of the best apps available for your iPhone this summer...

Today's new iPhone app is the OO Hotel Room iSurveillance App. (The developers are keen to explain, for copyright infringement reasons, that the title is not double 0 in the James Bond sense, but is in fact pronounced OOooo, like you are looking at something really cute like a kitten or a puppy dog. Any confusion between OO and double 0 are completely coincidental, the developers claim.)

Spoof iPhone app - Hotel Room Surveillance

This app is for anyone who's ever wondered what's going on in their hotel room when they aren't there. iPhone users now have the opportunity to look-in using a secret camera with motion detector that transmits a live feed to the iPhone app.

Is the cleaning lady being naughty in your bed/shower when you are away?

Is the hotel manager allowing others into your room unbeknownst to you?

The only way you will ever know for sure is if you use the OO Hotel iSurveillance App.

What if a thief breaks into your room when you are away?

This technology is designed to enable you to see the theft taking place in real time (as long as they don't steal the camera, of course) allowing you to be fully prepared when you get back to your hotel room.

Lead developer of the app, Herve Villechaize, no relation to the popular Fantasy Island actor, told our reporter:

"The app was originally aimed at the parents-going-out-drinking-for-the-night-and-leaving-their-kids-alone-in-the-hotel-room market, but this had to be changed following a number of high profile abductions.

At first people said 'why the heck would anyone want to look at their empty hotel room when they are out enjoying their holiday?' Well, you would be surprised how many paranoid rich iPhone users who think something's up that nobody's told them about there are today."

A critic of the app told this website:

"It's a complete waste of money and anyone who buys it is stupid." 'Supporting' ecommerce through merciless ribbing since 2001.

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