Aug 10, 2009
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iPhone App Of The Day: The Paranoiameter

Summer iPhone Must Have Apps

All this week: Our technology experts have been busy testing some of the best apps available for your iPhone this summer.

We start off with a must have app for your vacation - The iPhone Paranoiameter ©®™.

The iPhone Paranoiameter ©®™ allows you to calculate the real time actual danger you are in based on your geographical position. The software calculates in real time both perceived and actual peril and warns the user accordingly.

The iPhone Paranoiameter ©®™ uses GPS, Google maps, Google local news feeds, iPhone's own database on areas where iPhones get stolen a lot and a database of known danger areas held by the CIA. It displays a percentage danger rating which ranges from 5% mild peril, all the way up to 99% which is imminent nuclear catastrophe.

We took the Paranoiameter to a number of popular vacation locations to give it a thorough test run and we were pleased with the results.

In North Beach Hawaii it successfully told us about a guy on our bus with bad breath who talks a lot, sitting two seats to our left...

iPhone Hawaii

In Yosemite National Park it correctly sensed a bear was coming up from behind allowing us to run in a north easterly direction after counting to three.

iPhone - Yosemite Paranoiameter.

But it was in Beirut, Lebanon, that this little gadget's full usefulness became apparent.

The iPhone Paranoiameter allowed us to dodge bullets, hand grenades and gave a running commentary as we ran as fast as we could.

iPhone Paranoiameter

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