Aug 14, 2009
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iPhone App Of The Day: The 'Curb' Restaurant Curse App

Summer iPhone Must Have Apps - Day 5

All this week: Our technology experts have been busy testing some of the best apps available for your iPhone this summer...

Today's app enables the user to simulate the classic Curb Your Enthusiasm restaurant cursing session as seen in this video (extreme swearing advisory):

Use it before the bug it exploits in the iPhone is blocked.

At the time of writing, if you phone an iPhone using the iPhone Curb Your Enthusiasm Curse App you can send audio messages to the called iPhone which plays them on full volume without the user being able to stop it.

Other options include sending a fart mp3, loud bangs and screams on top of every expletive known in the book.


Testimonials from users of the Curb Restaurant swear App:

"Endless hours of enjoyment and toilet humor hilarity. My friend was two seats in front of me on the bus and I used the Curb app to hilarious effect. And the funny thing is they can't do anything to stop it. Brilliant."

"I bought this app for my wife who works in a bank. All I can say is that it is better than sex."

"I have always enjoyed Curb Your Enthusiasm, now I can reenact one of its funniest scenes live. It's even funnier when you have three or four people around. We are having a Curb party on Saturday. The curse words will simply fly. I can't f**kn wait." 'Supporting' ecommerce through merciless ribbing since 2001.

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