Aug 02, 2009
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Secret Messages Found In Sarah Palin Resignation Speech

Coded Wording Discovered

Sarah Palin Resigns

Scientists have analyzed former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin's resignation speech and have uncovered hidden messages by putting the actual words spoken in a different order.

Critics had already commented that the resignation speech was long and rambling, but in fact all the words in the speech were needed to get the secret messages across, as our findings now show.

The shocking secret messages uncovered here for the first time anywhere in the world include:

"I will harm the president",

"Watch out: Me and my entourage are insane"


"I want to see more of Todd's bottom."

An expert in politicianspeak gave us his analysis on these findings:

"Secret messages have been a popular method that politicians have been using to get their message across to close supporters who are in on the code.

These secret messages quite clearly show that Palin is set to do what she can to shoot President Obama like a moose and have lots more sex with her husband Todd." has sent a copy of our findings to the FBI.

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