Aug 03, 2009
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Text Coverage Of Newly Discovered Mozart, Live First Performance

Culture Corner
Salzberg Austria. Mozart was born here somewhere
Salzberg Austria

Hello, you join us here in Salzberg, Austria, the city of Amadeus Wolfgang Mozart's birth, to hear a new recently discovered piece written by the composer when he was about 8 years of age.

The piece we will hear this morning is the first movement of a concerto in G, molto allegro.

It will be played on Mozart's original piano with note by note text coverage here as it happens...


The performance is set to begin at 10am and so with the time at 9:59 we sit expectantly as the pianist, Florian Birsak, waits to begin.

The audience fall silent.

And he's off...


Dink rinkly dinkly dinkly dink rinkly (rinkly) dinkie rinkly rinkly dinkly dinkly dinkly dinkly dingly rinkly rinkly dink dink dink dinky rinky-dinky-dinky rinky dinkie dinky dink dink... dink...

Dink... rinkly dink dinkly dinkly-rinkly-rinkly-dinkly rinkly rinkly dinkly dinkly dinkly dinkly dingly rinkly rinkly dink dink dink dinky rinky dinky dinky rinky dinkie dinky dink dink... dink dink dink...


Quite extraordinary.

Well that hasn't been heard in many years.

The next note-by-note text musical coverage from is scheduled to be Beethoven's Fifth as the deaf composer himself heard it.


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