Aug 24, 2009
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Below is a selection from this week's Hippo Hunk-a-day...

Jerry The Hippo
Jerry: Loves nothing better than splashing and sploshing about in the river. Can take or leave mud, it depends on who he's with at the time. Loves the look of his tight bod when it is wet.
Harry The Hippo
Harry: Loves kids and teaches regularly down the gym. Loves a quiet night in with a good book and working out. Puts his magnificent physique down to a diet of tulip bulbs and pond weed.
Hippo George
George: This week's extrovert. He loves nothing better than to pose and show off poolside. He's also a Michelin starred vegan chef. So, if you are looking for both excitement and a great vegan lasagna, then George is your best bet.
Den The Hippo
Den: This week's practical joker. If there is one guy who's going to camouflage his ass to give you a scare when you unbeknownstly walk by then Den's your hippo man. Has a laugh like the devil but the good looks of a hippo Brad Pitt.
Wills The Hippo
Wills: Cute and shy. Lists his favorite body parts as his ass and hind legs. When not out foraging for food, Wills does botty ups in the river to keep in trim.
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