Jul 14, 2009
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Publishers In Rush To Meet Jackson Tribute Demand

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The first batch of Michael Jackson tribute books are about to hit the bookshelves to meet the insatiable demand of fans who want to buy something to commemorate the death of the King Of Pop...

Below is a summary of some of the straight to bargain bin and dollar store books to look out for...

Michael Jackson's Brain Is Missing, and other tabloid tales by Piers Organ
They may have given him a hard time, but without the media most of us would have forgotten about him years ago. Here in one volume is all the tittle and all the tattle, printed on a specially flammable paper that is ready to burn spectacularly in any vigils of true Michael Jackson fans who want to burn the tabloid lies printed about their hero over the last twenty years...
The Oldest 12 Year Old In The World by Peter Pan-Day
A wonderful biography of the superstar who never grew up. The first edition is just hurriedly printed words, but the second edition will also include beautifully drawn magical pictures painted in pastilles. This first edition might be worth something in the years to come, or it might not it depends on how good the wonderful illustrations are when they get round to finishing them off...
Give us an M give us an I give us a C give us an H give us a A give us an E give us an L, Michael we love you! By Monica Willy
The only biography in the first batch to guarantee to use 100 'fabulous's, 200 'legendary's, 35 'phenomenal's, and 150 'brilliant's.
Michael Jackson Biography - Every Page a Tear by Jenny Jibber
The only Michael Jackson biography in the early rush out to the bookstores with the pages shaped as a tear.
Sad, Bad But Not Mad, Michael Jackson: My Fear Of An Early Death, Part 1 with additional material by Anon
Michael Jackson kept a video diary, fearing that someone was trying to kill him. In this first extract from these diaries Michael Jackson explains who will kill him and why.
Goodbye Michael by John Hobbit

The original Goodbye Michael written in 1997 when it looked like his career was over. Hastily brought up to date with a two page summary at the back covering the last 12 years of his life

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