July 27, 2009
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So we kick off with some of the best complaints received so far...

You can send in your complaint to

What a load of rubbish. When I clicked on the link I expected at least something funny to happen. Are you a humor site or are you not?

Hells Bells! What in tarnation is this link supposed to do? You owe me three clicks of my mouse and thirty seconds of my life back. Pay up or i'll sue.

If you're not going to show me porn then what is the point, I mean really?


The trouble with when a website such as yourselves writes cr*p then there is no positive side to it. Now, when a newspaper writes c*ap I can always use it to line my kitty's pee box with. If I tried that with your website my kitty would get a cold ass and the urine goes over the carpet. Who's the winner here? WTF?


NO NO AND THRICE NO! Do you ever read the stuff you right?

Please remove my nude bits from your website this minute. Cease and desist you naught naughty website!!! Teee heee.

Thank you for the chance to complain about this page. Many websites seem to offer the chance to 'have your say' but in reality they edit the posts so that nothing bad about the hosting website it ever mentioned. In this regard, I would like to say that theVoiceofReason is the biggest pile of...

And that's all the time we have for this feature this week...

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