Jul 17, 2009
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Moon Conspiracy Theorists Celebrate 40 Year Anniversary

Moon Hoax Celebrations

Moon mooney moonMoon conspiracy enthusiasts are to celebrate Monday 20th July 2009 by rerunning old footage of the first expert who claimed it was all a hoax.

Norbert Jeffries, who died in mysterious circumstances in 1998, was part of a commentary team covering the moon landings on local station WWHY.

He takes up the story:

"The pictures just didn't look real to me, it looked staged. And how on earth could they pass through the Ryan O'Neal belt without being radiated to death? even that guy on Blade Runner couldn't do that.

Seriously, think about it, how could they do it? I mean they would have had to have spent billions of dollars when they could have put the money to better use offering free medical care for life to every citizen of the USA, black and white. No, no a compassionate democracy would never waste so much money doing something so flashy but ultimately pointless. It must have been a hoax..."


Other conspiracy theories include:

  • Some of the shadows on the moon pictures are shaped like a camel.
  • Because the sun is so bright (as there is no atmosphere to absorb light as it does on earth) the astronauts would all be blinded if they raised their sun shields. They didn't even take sunglasses!
  • There is no sound of farting, burps or hiccups from the astronauts even though the microphones were placed only inches away from their mouths and bottoms.
  • Astronauts and scientists in Houston swore so much during the mission that their words had to be constantly bleeped out.
  • How could they have run buggies on the moon when there is no gas station for 250,000 miles?
  • Richard Nixon was a proven lying bastard, why believe him when he said they sent astronauts to the moon?
  • If they really did it why haven't they done it again?
  • If they really did go to the moon, why have some of the astronauts died in the meantime? Is someone silencing them?


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