Jun 17, 2009
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Missing Man Reappears After Five Months, Claims To Be George Bush

Bush Bust

A missing person, last seen five months ago in Washington DC, has turned up in Tampa Bay, Florida, today.

The alcohol on-his-breath, unshaven, unkempt individual said his name was George W Bush.

George Bush before and after

George Bush has visibly aged, had a strong smell of alcohol on his mouth, and a pungent aroma that suggested he hadn't washed for the last five months.

An expert in missing persons told this website:

"It's shocking how quickly the downwards cycle can bring a man down. Always a clumsy man cursed with bad luck, it looks like the market economy has taken George Bush down a dark alley and given him a right good kicking."

George Bush's biographer told this website:

"I hadn't heard from George since January, I just assumed he was busy collecting his thoughts, working on his memoirs.

One of the last things he said to me before his disappearance was that we was going to find out how a Thesaurus worked. George isn't a wordsmith so I expected a delay before I heard from him. It might have been this that drove him back to the bottle and then he went awol.

On the positive side, his readjustment to normal society will be a much better end to his years in office than the worst financial crisis for a hundred years."

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