Jun 25, 2009
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NASA Defends Mars 'Blue Ass' Picture

Mars Botty

NASA were under increasing pressure this morning to explain how a picture of Mars' ass appeared on a number of websites.

The picture, below, appears to have been taken shortly after the planet had gotten out of the shower and before it could put a towel around its waist.

Mars' Blue Ass
Proctor Crater, Mars. NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona

Some websites, including this one, have called on NASA to rename the Proctor Crater, to the Proctor Crack.

The team of astronomers responsible for taking this picture of Mars' ass were said to be upset at suggestions that all they do is look at the rude parts of nude planets all day. One told our reporter:

"I didn't spend ten years at university studying specifically just to see Mars' arse. It was just a happy coincidence when it happened. It's surprisingly slappable isn't it? Pert even."

Some astronomers had to leave the control room when the picture first came in. One eyewitness takes up the story:

"The first time we saw the big blue ass on the big screen as it came in from the probe there was a mixture of whoops of joy and screams of shocked disapproval. Some of the more prudish astronomers had to leave the room."


Have your say: What do you think? Should Mars' ass be kept private? Or should everyone in the world be forced to look at it?

ML, Neb, "NASA has done it again. Why oh why oh why are they determined to put me off my cornflakes? I saw the ass picture in the New York Times in full color whilst eating breakfast. Have they no shame?"

GH, Kun, "OK so Mars has an ass. Whoop de doo. OK let her cover it up and let's all move on. This is no way to be running a recession."

AA, Huy, "Would it be terribly perverted of me to ask if NASA has any pictures of the asses of any of the smaller little moons?"

DF, Eer, "Quite a cute ass for a planet that must be about 10 billion years old. Does he do sit ups?"

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