Jun 16, 2009
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GM Agrees Starbucks Sale To Jjefshurstenschaft

Fighting For Survival

General Motors today announced a tentative agreement to sell Starbucks to Jjefshurstenschaft of Sweden, for $12.5bn cash.

Starbucks and GM

It is the latest part of GM's reorganization, which is also set to see Saab's sale to Koenigsegg, also of Sweden.

Jjefshurstenschaft is a Mom and Pop coffee shop in Stockholm which employs two part time workers.

Jenk Jjefshurstenschaft, the Pop, told this website, "Running Starbucks at an international corporate level is a dream come true."

A financial expert, sacked by Lehman Brothers, told this website:

"If GM can get this one away this could be a considerable boost to their refinancing aims as GM doesn't own Starbucks."


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