Jun 14, 2009
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Here Are The Answers To Last Week's Brangelina Competition...

Entertainment Quiz

Congratulations to Freddy 'Loo' Pandemic for winning last week's prize which was a picture of a squirrel.


The answers were:

1) The website alleged that Brad Pitt was trying to kiss her lips so hard that it made the lipstick on her face smudge like The Riddler.

2) Gross question: Kung Fu Panda beat up Mr and Mrs Smith.

3) John Voight's eyebrows, but not his lips.

4) "Mentally ill," "Stupid fat lipped cow who never does anything I tell her to" and "Couldn't organise a fart off in a baked bean factory."

5) Picture question: It is Brad Pitt's ass from the movie The Mexican.

6) The correct order is: Mick Jagger, Angelina Jolie, Al Jolson and lastly an African woman with a dish in her lower lip.

7) They are all, or were, wooden. [a) Brad Pitt's performance on Friends when he played Ross's school friend b) a baseball bat and c) the Trojan horse in the movie Troy.]

8) Collagen taken from the lip of the Gurgling Toad of the Black Forest.

9) A squashy sound when kissing but not when sitting down.

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