May 10, 2009
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The Answers To Last Weeks Competition

Competition Solution

The winners of last weeks quiz were Lucy Jones and Lucy Smith from the island of Lesbos, Greece. They both win a place on the United Kingdom's 'least wanted list' banning them from the country.

The answers were:

1) Stop-Go, Forwards-Reverse and U-bend.

2) Rubber Johnny is the odd one out. (Johnny Rotten, Johnny Carson, Johnny Depp are all, or were when they were alive, popular entertainers).

3) Our picture competition: Full marks for "It is a rude looking potato so is perfectly legal."

4) Organism, mastication and fructose, but not pagination.

5) The correct order is:

1) A punch on the nose
2) Push all your weight forward while grabbing them around the middle to pick them up
3) Slam them down hard
4) Punch to the head until the ref or a passer-by stops you.

6) They're all Sherlock Holmes stories apart from 'The Mystery Of The Fussy Hussy'.

7) Caption Competition: The banker says to the prostitute: "OK I'll stick it in there after I get the $15billion bailout money."

8) Shagging, shagged-out and wankered, but not knackered.

9) Having a heart attack after you jump is worse.

10) They're all countries in the British Commonwealth, apart from Fuckitata Islands.


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