May 6, 2009
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Everything We Have Found Out About Michael Savage In 2 Hrs

He Thinks He's The Voice Of Reason, Huh!

US radio talkshow host Michael Savage, 67, has discovered that he has been put on the 20 Least Wanted List in the UK (which means he is banned from entering the country - even if he disguises himself in sunglasses)... We used the internet to discover what all the fuss is about...

This is Michael Savage...

Michael Savage wearing sunglasses

His real last name is Weiner (Michael Alan), which is one letter away from Wiener, US slang for penis. (Sources wikipedia, and

His book title is Savage Nation, which technically should be called Weiner Nation, or Pneis Nation.

The only e-mail address on his website ( is for donations via Paypal to his legal fund. So presumably he can't be half as rich as he implies in this interview with Bill O'Reilly:

(The comment is at 5:45)

He was sacked from MSNBC for the following outburst in which he seems to tell a caller to get aids and die because he was gay. (In his defence, if you listen carefully he seems to fart the word No! soon after the comments.)

It's Google video - click arrow in the bottom left to run...

We have emailed an address we found on his website (which, as we said above, is for his legal fund, there is no direct e-mail to Savage himself) to ask if the above video was quoted out of context, and for any comment he would like to make to explain what he meant to say if different from what he actually appears to have said. We will put it here if he replies, it is short enough and he doesn't use the word sodomite.


A good video from Savage that we can't fit on the space on this page is here. Savage demands that Bernard Madoff's grandchildren be interrogated for money he may have given them. Hilarious!


In the interests of context, we also saw the following videos on Youtube that didn't make us laugh once:








Reader Feedback:

I don't know if this email was because of this story, there is nothing in the email to say it is, but I got the email this morning.

I wonder if this is from a Michael Savage listener:

It came from a Mark Thomas, who has a hotmail account, the message reads, and this is exactly what he wrote in quotes:

"Your should rename you site too thevoiceofmorons"


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