Apr 22, 2009
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'World Earth Day' Really 'World Gaylord Day' After UN 1960s Mix-up

Gaylord Error

The world observed World Earth Day today completely unawares that it was really 'World Gaylord Day' due to an administration error at the United Nations in 1969, we can now reveal.

World Earth Day, the brainchild of Democratic Senator from Wisconsin, Gaylord Nelson, is observed every 22nd April and is intended as a day for recognising the impact the growing population has on the limited resources of planet earth.

But due to an accidental oversight the working title World Gaylord Day was the actual name submitted to the UN in 1968 on a paper recommending the recognition of the day.

Gaylord Nelson's name was also incorrectly included on the document as 'Earth Nelson'.

An expert in mix-ups told this website:

"It is clear to see that there was a simple transposition error with the name Gaylord transposing with the word Earth to cause this problem with the days name.

In reality everyone knows that April 22nd is World Earth Day, even if legally it is World Gaylord Day and could remain so for the foreseeable future."

Our source at the United Nations confirmed that it could be years until the name is legally rectified.

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